For students

For student organisation actives

What kind of student culture are you building? As an active member of a student organisation, you play an important role in creating a good atmosphere and a feeling of affinity in your study community. Through arranging versatile, attractive events that are easy for everyone to participate in, you can build an inclusive and social study culture.

The KUPLA project is producing a guide for student event organisers and offers information and support to other playmakers in the educational community, as well. The materials will be updated on our website in 2019. Before that, you will also find tips on the KUPLA project Facebook page.

For tutors

As a tutor, you make it possible for a new student to feel welcome in the educational community, and you help him or her to get acquainted with other students, as well. The feeling of belonging to the group and community smoothens the way for entry into one’s studies, and is a pivotal factor for maintaining well-being in the learning process. Before the arrival of new students to consider, tutors should think about which tools to use to support a positive atmosphere and take, for example, students’ various life circumstances and expectations towards student life into account.

A guide targeted towards tutors will be published in 2019 in the KUPLA project. In addition, the project is developing a course model that universities/colleges as well as student unions can use to train tutors.

For students

Have you ever been worried about a fellow student, a friend or someone else’s actions or ability to cope? You may have occasionally even raised discussion about a matter worrying you or something in the behaviour of another person: for example, substance abuse or signs of exhaustion. Expressing concern is advisable, even if it doesn’t always automatically lead to the other person seeking help. By voicing your concern, you communicate caring and empathy, which already has great importance. Read tips on how to bring up your concerns here.

You can get help to support a relative or close friend or to reflect on your own substance use or mental problems. For example, our free help line for advice on substance use (tel. 0800 900 45) serves callers round the clock, every day of the year. This service is at your disposal if you wish to talk about your or your friend’s substance use. Have a look at Nyyti ry’s comprehensive list of support services directed towards students and young adults here.