Support material

KUPLA project has produced different kinds of support material for universities’ personnel in charge of students’ well-being, student event organizers and student tutors. On this page you can find both KUPLA’s materials and links to other materials produced by other parties.  

Skillful tutor – Exercise book for student tutors (pdf)

Skillful tutor – exercise book is meant as a self-study material for student tutors. The book is intended to be a tool for a university student tutor. Workbook can be used to plan, execute and report tutoring activities. The book also gives tips for tutoring and exercises for thinking one’s resources and role as a tutor. 
Exercise book is also available in Swedish: En kunnig tutor – tutorns verktygslåda (pdf)
Exercise book in Finnish: Osaava tuutori – opiskelijatuutorin tehtäväkirja (pdf)

How to voice your concern? Tips for discussion -poster (pdf) (available only in Finnish) 

This poster describes examples of what to do and say in a situation where study friend’s or close one’s situation raises concern. Supporting mental well-being and preventing substance use harms is a central part of university’s work for promoting well-being and guiding students. KUPLA project supports university personnel in this work by providing training and tools for guiding students and voicing your concern.  

Talking about substances at universities -guide booklet (pdf) 

This booklet is also available at EHYT ry’s web shop 

Using intoxicating substances is often seen as one’s own business and that is why intervening in it can seem difficult. Regular and heavy use of substances weakens the ability to study and work and affects others as well. When you are concerned of a student’s well-being, don’t hesitate to bring the issue up for discussion. KUPLA project’s guide booklet shows four steps for discussing substance use in universities and a list of support services you can refer to a student and where to get more information.  

Substance abuse prevention in university community -poster (pdf) 

This poster describes what substance abuse prevention work is in higher education and in which measures you should pay attention on structural, communal and individual level to make harm reduction more effective.  You can also download a version with printing marks. (pdf) 

Recommendations for university communities for developing and implementing student substance abuse prevention programmes (pdf) 

KUPLA project has published recommendations for students’ substance abuse prevention programmes. Recommendations discuss composing and developing student substance abuse prevention programmes from the viewpoint of prevention work. Recommendations are a good tool for planning and evaluation, especially if you are updating or only composing your university’s student substance abuse prevention programme. KUPLA project is happy to help with questions about developing or implementing student substance abuse programmes.  

KUPLA newsletter (only available in Finnish) 

KUPLA project’s newsletter brings the latest news and materials from the project directly to your inbox. Newsletter has also current news related to study ability, mental well-being, substance abuse prevention work and building community spirit. The newsletter is sent approx. every six weeks. You can find the newsletter archive from here.