What is Kupla?

The KUPLA “Students reforming substance use culture” project (2018–2020) supports the well-being of university students and their ability to study, improves the abilities of university communities to prevent harm caused by substance use, and promotes communality and an accessible student culture. KUPLA encourages open discussion regarding substance use and matters related to well-being-in university communities.

An accessible and enjoyable university community

An accessible university community providing social support promotes students’ well-being and their ability to study. Preventing harm caused by substance use and intervening in issues related to substance use involves the entire university community, which is why KUPLA wants to reach people working with well-being in universities and student organisations, and to provide education and information on good procedures for handling these issues.

Support for tutors and people responsible for events

KUPLA encourages and trains students to organise various student events, which anyone can easily and comfortably join. According to a survey of new students carried out by Nyyti in 2015, 23 per cent of the respondents viewed student events as the best part of student life. Secondly, 17 per cent stated that they had never participated in a student event. For tutors, KUPLA provides good tips on welcoming new students.

University staff is important

Nearly all universities have implemented programmes related to substance use among students.  KUPLA supports university staff doing work related to well-being and guidance in developing and implementing the substance abuse programme for students. In addition to this, KUPLA offers training for university staff on how to talk about substances and mental well-being with students. According to a survey from Preventiimi in 2017, young adults aged 18–29 want more discussion about substance use and considered educational institutions to be the best places to discuss these topics.

KUPLA is being jointly organised by EHYT and Nyyti, and will be implemented between 2018 and 2020.  Partners in the programme include the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL), University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland (SAMOK), Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) and the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).